Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Northeast Student Energy Summit

Well, after 13 hours of travel and a great many vegan chocolate chip cookies, twelve St. Mary's students arrived at Boston University for a weekend full of environmental actions and trainings. The next morning we got up early and, after wolfing down bagels and bananas, we set off for Harvard Square where we participated in the last leg of the Interfaith March for Climate Rescue ( We joined 800 other walkers, some of which had marched all the way from Northampton, for the 5-mile walk to Copley Square in Boston. There, at Old South Church, we heard an inspirational interfaith service were representatives from all faiths (Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and Earth Spirits) all spoke on the importance of ecological action and respect for the Earth. The day ended with a rally in Copley Square were we heard more about energy reform and how we can work together to get things done.

After a night of great music, Thai food, and late-night coffee, we got down to business. We heard from a representative of the Sierra Student Coalition on what schools from around the Northeast have done, and what we can continue to do to push for energy reform. We also heard from a representative of the Union of Concerned Scientists on what global warming will mean for the Northeast. Unfortunately, due to the prospect of another ten hours in the car, we could only stay for one of the training/workshop sessions, however we split up and everyone came away with new ideas for environmental action at St. Mary's

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