Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Egg, avocado, artichoke?

Tonight's meeting had a turnout of about 40 SEACers. This is huge. I'm going to have a tough time learning all those names, so I apologize in advance for calling you "that guy" or "that one with the hair;" really, it's nothing personal.

If you enjoyed the vegan ginger cookies, you can get to the recipe by clicking "Vegan bake sale recipes" in the navigation bar on the right. Scroll down to "Grandma Gibby's Ginger Cookies." They're super easy, I swear. They also work well as bribes.

During our goal shout-out and while going over the Wall of Goals today, we got some really great ideas for what we want to do this year. Remember, you are the driving force behind SEAC! If you have an idea that you're excited about, tell us! A lot of the goals from the meeting today centered around changing the personal habits of students on campus and reaching out to the community. Let's get to it!

Elaine Szymkowiak, who is awesome, also came to our meeting tonight, mostly to talk about Riverfest, sponsored by the St. Mary's Watershed Association. That'll be happening Sept 29, and they'd love to have SEAC involved. Whether we're volunteering to help paint pumpkins or tabling for ourselves, let's get out there! There's going to be an excellent raffle, too. Tickets are only $5, and entering gets you a shot at some sweet prizes, like a fishing trip for 6 or a kayak. Tickets will also be sold at the St Mary's County Fair, Sept 22-23, and they need some help selling them. If you're interested in selling raffle tickets at the fair, contact Erin McDermott.

Last but not least, here are some links for e-activism!

EcologyFund - Register for the site and join the group "St. Mary's College of MD" so we can keep a tally of how many sq feet we've saved as a group!

The Rainforest Site - You know, save rainforest. Pretty cool. They also have tabs at the top for other worthy causes.

Both sites' donations are paid for by the sponsors who run ads on the site, so it costs you nothing to save the world! Cool beans!

See you all next Wednesday! (NC2, 9:00)

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