Friday, October 12, 2007

So much green, so little time

Oh, dear! I have completely neglected this blog!

On Sept 26, we had a wonderful meeting right after a drum circle to celebrate the full moon. We tossed around ideas for state, national, and corporate campaigns, in addition to solidifying some of our campus campaigns. The big focus of the evening was on nuclear power. There are currently plans to build a new nuclear reactor in Calvert Cliffs. If this goes through, it'll be the first nuclear reactor built in about 30 years. We don't just care about this because we're close to it! We care because this is the test site for nuclear power expansion across the country, and we're hoping to nip it in the bud.

On Sept 29, a few SEACers went to Riverfest! We raised awareness of environmental issues, especially the plans for the nuclear reactor. We very successfully tabled with a postcard petition from Maryland PIRG ( to send to our legislators. The postcards encourage our legislators to use the government subsidies for building the reactor and put them toward energy efficiency measures and energy savings instead, as well as investigating renewable energy sources.

Meanwhile, our dearest Bonnie V. has been tirelessly crusading to get plastic bags out of the Daily Grind and campus bookstore! She's doing an awesome job! We dorm-stormed on Oct 3 to collect plastic bags from students to be used in the new reused bags program. From now on, you'll be able to drop off your plastic bags at the Daily Grind to be used by future shoppers. This way, we won't need a new plastic bag every time we stop by to grab our junk food. Or, even better, bring your own reusable bag! Cloth bags last forever and look really cool.

Most recently, a few of us went to the DC Green Festival on Oct 6 and 7. What a blast! Two days of environmental speakers, eco-friendly vendors, fair trade products, and really inspiring people. I mean, honestly, we got to hear Ralph Nader, Bill McKibben, and Francis Moore Lappe. Who could say no to that? (Just for fun: check out a picture of us at the event!)

Stay green, SEAC! I hope to see your lovely eco faces on Wednesday, Oct 10. Remember: NC 2, 9:00!

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