Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Way to go!

Alright, SEAC! We were declared club of the month! And just think-- we've barely gotten started on all the actions we have planned for this year.

At our last meeting, we had special guests Andy Buckingham and Amardeep Dhanju, both of whom were pretty cool. They were on campus for the Natural Science and Math Colloquium lecture on wind power and decided to come on over to meet the group that made St Mary's Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) purchase happen. That's us! After a delicious dessert potluck with them, we had a nitty gritty meeting to hammer out the details of Powershift. Trust me, Powershift is definitely worth all the trouble. It's going to be great.

Stay green, SEACers! And good going on the club of the month!

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