Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's make a list!

Hey there, SEAC!

Last night, we had our final meeting of the year, featuring ice cream (including vegan options!) and nostalgia. We put together a list of things we've done this year so that we could look back on a year well done, along with putting together a list of things we want to do next year.

In order of being shouted out last night, things we did this year:

-Focus the Nation
-Polar Bear Splash
-Plastic bag recycling program
-Chico bags
-Earth Day with Public Citizen
-Bike generator
-Highway cleanups
-Do it in the Dark Month
-Vegan Thanksgiving
-President's Climate Commitment
-Coffee (the beginning)
-Town Hall meeting
-Health Heroes award
-Earth Hour
-World Carnival and vegan bake sale
-Farm Bill
-Storming Annapolis
-That other polar bear splash
-Maryland Student Climate Summit
-No War No Warming
-Critical Mass
-Bike-powered dance party
-Working with first-year orientation
-Native plants planting


For next year, we'd like to tackle....

-Green/Pink Party
-Green cleaning supplies
-Coffee (the saga continues)
-Double-sided printing
-Anti-oppression, environmental justice
-Coalition-building with BSU, Raices Hispanas, have a green fashion show?!
-Offset college travel, especially air travel
-Sustainable endowment (Mark Orlowski?)
-Trail maintenance (Brian Rayburn, GPS?)
-Energy star
-Bottled water (Jen Yogi?)
-Cleanups, walks, drum circles, workshops
-Mountaintop removal
-Consumer week (October-ish) (Maybe with GJL, FNB?!)
-Maryland Student Climate Commitment, coalition with other MD schools, groups, communities!
-Tampaction with FUSE
-Anti-clean coal
-Calvert Cliffs nuclear (direct action?)
-Meet with Steny Hoyer
-Read environmental poetry/children's books
-Work with SMRP to get to local elementary schools?

Hoo boy. Next year is going to be intense. And by "intense," I mean "it's going to ROCK!"

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