Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ben Cardin!

Hey green people!

So on Friday, September 5th, Senator Ben Cardin visited the school and SEAC was there to find out how green he was, and put Powervote pressure on him! Luckily, Senator Cardin defined energy as the single most important political issue this election. He put renewable energy first and also said that we need to be more than carbon neutral, and be "carbon negative". He wants to see an ammendment to the Lieberman-Warner act to support better public transportation.

Unfortunately, Cardin wasn't all clean and green. he is a proponent of "safe nuclear power" and coal. We asked Cardin if he would support a moratorium on all coal, including "clean coal". Unfortunately, Cardin does not support any such policy, since he wants pro-coal votes, though he does support the cap and trade system, hoping that it will decrease the need for coal. After the meeting, SEAC told him that young voters would be checking in on his environmental stance, so he should publicize his position.

senator cardin at St.Mary's!

Here's Senator Cardin's website for more information!

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