Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ideas for Next Semester

So a couple of weeks ago, we all brainstormed up some excellent ideas for SEAC next semester! Thanks to Mr Luke Huffman, here they are, all typed up!

FairTrade and/or Organic Coffee in Campus Center (all over campus)
Publicity Campaign for Trayless
Expand and pump up the Ride Board
Great Room composting
Increase local food, decrease non-local food
Increase the size of the Community Garden
Reduce heating in dorms and classrooms
Composting buckets outside of each dorm
Replace paper towels in dorm bathrooms with something else
Focus The Nation
Do It In The Dark Month
Anti-Building Campaign
Instead of Foodbridge, put in a Stop Sign
Or hire students as crossing guards
Progressive Campus Coalition (with FUSE, STARS, BSU, GJL)
Raise money for The Clearwater
On-site energy generation
Get the ARC partially run on bike power
Highway and beach cleanups
Double-Sided/Energy Star printers
Get teachers to accept papers through the internet and on reused/back side of paper
Work more with Sustainability Committee
Ask Point News to reduce amount of paper used in publication and to not hand it out on the Greens, they just blow away. Or offer it online.
More Eco-Friendly grass-cutting, leaf cleanup, gardening.
Eliminate pesticide use
More potlucks!

Global Warming Solutions Act
Lobby the hell out of Steny Hoyer, form a coalition with other groups (churches, unions, locals…)
Increase Public Transportation
Letter Writing to Officials

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