Friday, February 6, 2009

SEAC this week!

Hello environmentalists!

In SEAC this week, we covered a lot of ground!

*Earth Hour, which the campus will be participating in! So tell your friends!
*Polar Bear SPLASH! Is Thursday, Feb 12th at 4pm at the waterfront! Bring your swimmies! Some awesome slogans for the splash are:
Get wet for environmental protection
Splash for change
The world is warming, but St.Mary's is still chillin'
Freeze while you can
Are you a polar bear, or a chicken?
All the cool kids are doing it - some for the third time
Write them on all your chalk boards, white boards, sidewalks, and bulletin boards!
*Thomas mentioned keep track of Sarah Palin's wolf-killing ways.
*And if you still want to go to Powershift, email! Attend the facebook event!

See you next week, same green time, same green place

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