Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Information about Recycling & Composting on Campus


We CAN compost:

Fruits & Vegetables,

Egg Shells,

Coffee Grounds,

Tea Bags & Leaves,

Grains, and

Bread Scraps

We CAN’T compost:


Recycling (incl. paper)


Meat, or


The 7 Bin Locations (all on top of grass):

Parish Hall Kitchen (across the street from Kent Hall)

Campus Center (on the side of the building closest to the Grind)

Behind Queen Anne (by the Co-op doors)

Between PG and Caroline (close to the dumpsters)

Goodpaster Loading Dock (across from SC 8-12)

Community Garden (our old wooden frame to the right of DPC)

Waring Commons (by the dumpsters in the small parking lot)

How can you identify the bins?

The bins are black and measure 40” x 23” x 23”.

How can you start composting?

Use any sealable container to start collecting your food scraps. Dump them in a bin on a regular basis (once a week suggested).

Why compost?

  • Decrease your waste
  • Reduce landfill greenhouse gas emissions
  • Help produce rich organic fertilizer that can be used on the campus grounds!


You can mix your newspaper, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, mixed paper (printer
paper, copier' paper, mail, etc.) phone books, plastics, plastic bags, aerosol
cans, aluminum foil/pans, juice boxes/aseptic packaging, glass, aluminum, and
steel containers into the same recycling container.

We have expanded our plastic recycling program to include #3 thru #7 plastics such as
narrow neck containers/bottles and wide mouth' containers such as
margarine/butter tubs, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, peanut butter,
mayonnaise and plastic cups in addition to all #1 & #2 that we already collect.

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