Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First SEAC meeting of 2011!

1. Danny gave a presentation on awesome SEAC history, like Powershift, Appalachia Rising, and free trade coffee!

2. Do It In the Dark Month starts next week with a focus on food. Come to Cole Cinema at 8:00 Monday to see Dirt: The Movie and hear a talk by a Community Sustainable Agriculture farmer and chef. Then on Friday, come to the basement of QA at 6:00 for the Vegan Co-op Potluck! More events like these will be happening all month.

3. Powershift is coming up April 15-18 in DC. Learn about national environmental issues, network with other awesome activists, and lobby Congress for environmental legislation!

4. Possible dumpster door painting (to mark recycling bins) occurs this Saturday, depending on the weather. Look for an email update!

Stay green!

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