Thursday, October 13, 2011

SEAC meeting notes 10/12

Today, we recapped from our last meeting and from the protests Friday. (Who saw SEAC in the Washington Post?!?!?) Check out this video by recent SEAC alum Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall (who also testified inside the State Department hearing itself - go to the 1:28:18 mark) about the protest Friday.

If you couldn't make it last week, don't despair! An even bigger action is taking place on November 6, and we plan on taking as many SEAC members to it as we can! Anti-Tar Sands protesters plan to encircle the White House for a few hours that Sunday to encourage Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. More details about SEAC's involvement are coming soon.

Lots of SEAC members are involved in lots of awesome green projects on campus! We heard from the Campus Farm, the Sustainability Office, the Arboretum, Keep St. Mary's Beautiful, SMRP, the Vegan Co-op, Chancellor's Point, and more! Contact us if you want to get in touch with any of these awesome organizations.

October 24-28 is Campus Sustainability Week! The Sustainability Office has been organizing tons of speakers, documentaries, and other events to celebrate a different aspect of sustainability each day.
Monday: Food
Tuesday: Water
Wednesday: Climate and Energy
Thursday: Transportation
Friday: Outdoors
At the meeting, we brainstormed ideas for events during the week.
  • SEAC will be tabling all week. We want to have a station to make recycle art, and we want to have a station educating people about the tar sands. This is also a good time to ask people to join the reusable to-go box program.
  • On that subject, we can reach out to the sports teams, who often eat at the grind, about using reusable to-go boxes.
  • We can encourage people to save water when showering - by asking them to have water on at a minimum, or to skip days of showering. (How can we turn this into a game?)
  • We can give out reusable water bottles at the end of a documentary showing.
  • We can encourage people to recycle and increase awareness of what is and isn't recyclable.
  • Finally, Friday being two days before Halloween, we can have a Halloween parade. Dress up as your favorite eco-villain!
Caroline is bringing all of these ideas to the Sustainability Office. Come next week to help us plan logistics and help make Sustainability Week awesome!

(PS. Check out our new facebook page!)

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