Sunday, April 15, 2007

World Carnival Report

We made over $100 this weekend at the vegan bake sale at World Carnival, and an excellent time was had by all. Next up, Ecofest! Get excited people! Tomorrow will be the screening of Captain Planet and Ferngully at the campus center.

Also, Earth Day is just one week away. The sustainability commitee has an idea to show the administration our support for sustainability (like they need further reminding). The EPA Star Partnership (which we are joining next Saturday) has a virtual tree that people can dedicate a leaf to someone or something. There is no cost to the dedication. Your just asked to click on one item that your will support in the coming year, ie: renewable energy, replacing lightbulbs, less driving etc. The website asks for your first name and last initial along with who the dedication is for. To make this really work as a community activity, I say we all put down "SMCM" in the dedication field. If we can get this thing to grow into something large, it will really confirm Maggie's opinion and commitment towards the sustainability program.

Here is the link:

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mer said...

There are at least a couple hundred leaves dedicated! Quel fabuleux!