Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Agenda -- 09/16/2009

What kind of context is SEAC working in this year?
• President?!
• Strategic Plan Development
• Sustainability Committee
• State of MD
• Finances :(
• The Nation and The World

What should our role be?
• What are Eco-Reps, Sustainability Committee, and EcoHouse up to?
• Take back the Tap
o brita pitchers
o more bottles--in grind
o promos $$ bring in pledge for discount at campus store
o post information (flyers)—cost
o table for awareness
o go to Richard
o give info to eco reps
o personal commitment pledge
o pepsi challenge

• Eco-Reps meeting --TOMORROW @ 8:40, right here.
• Help Elaine and the Oysters! -- SATURDAY 7am-12pm
• The first Sustainability Committee Meeting -- This upcoming MONDAY!
• FREE Grassroots Activism Training -- SATURDAY Sept 26th All Day in DPC
• RiverFest! -- SUNDAY Sept 27th on Historic (Sign up to TABLE!)

How to get rid of your trash, and use other people's trash:
Workshop on composting, dumpstering, etc. (Tara)
Fun Alert: Dumpster Dive for SEAC eats! (Caitlin and Megan can drive)

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