Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wall Walk Brainstorm Session

What events & campaigns do you want to see on campus?
  1. Solar power on Dorm & Building roofs
  2. Reusable to-go boxes in great room (YES!)
  3. Changing Great Room plastic cups to recyclable ones (the ones we have are all compostable; lets make people aware)
  4. Low paper/paper free classes/non-bleached paper
  5. Remove paper towel dispensers in the bathroom, replace with hand-dryer
  6. Lights off in academic buildings
  7. Turn air conditioning in campus buildings up few degreees
  8. Local food/freegan potlucks
  9. Compost bins in every hall
  10. Recycling bins in every room & dorm (some are really badly marked)
  11. Turn off lights in dorm hallways after a certain time
  12. Make trash bins for cigarettes more ubiquitous (DORCH PORCH)
  13. Make trash cans more ubiquitous (less littering)
  14. Awareness about unplugging electric appliances when not in use. And about wasting water (especially in bathrooms).
  15. CFC Bulbs/batteries/ink cartridge recycling

What events/campaigns do you want to see SEAC tackle off-campus?
  1. Get local churches on board w/ sustainability
  2. CCAN: Polar Bear Plunge in Bay in January
  3. Powershift!
  4. ACES bill (I wanna protest/fight for it!)
  5. Under 350
  6. Trips to sustainable communities (Camden House, Twin Oaks, etc)
  7. Lobbys!
  8. Town hall meetings
  9. Work w/ local groups re: Calvert Cliffs?

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Ideas? Advice?

  1. SEAC rocks my organic cotton socks!
  2. We should make sure the Quiznos on campus has meat from animals that have been treated humanely.
  3. Carbon emissions through the process of recycling… counter productive?
  4. How can we further master the art of being awesome?

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