Sunday, September 18, 2011

SEAC meeting #2

Last Wednesday night, we had a long but productive meeting of learning about the state of sustainability on campus, brainstorming ways to make the campus greener, and planning for Moving Planet.
  • Luke Mowbray, the campus Sustainability Coordinator, has a background in "stuff." Email him at lmmowbray (smcm) to ask about on-campus initiatives, progress reports, urban planning, and ... stuff.
  • For example, if SEAC comes up with a plan of action for increasing composting awareness (so people don't put trash in compost bins!), Luke's department can help us with funding.
  • On the other hand, Luke needs data about when, where, and how many lights are left on at night to target areas where we can save energy. SEAC's peoplepower can do this!
  • Want to work on greening the Great Room? Contact Ashok at ashok.chandwaney (gmail).
  • Talk about synchronicity ... one of our big ideas at the last meeting was puttng a bench and rider information at the bus stop, and Luke has already gotten approval for it to happen!
  • Moving Planet will be awesome!
Next Saturday is the international day of action organized by the 350 campaign, Moving Planet. SEAC has some awesome ideas for a SMCM rally!
  1. All day, we table inside the campus center and work on painting a banner outside the campus center. (handprints and footprints? signatures? murals? messages from students? something to figure out at the next meeting!)
  2. At 2:00, bikers and other fast wheelpowered transportation assemble at the Bike Shop in WC, and walkers and slow wheelpowered transportation assemble at the Campus Center.
  3. Bikers, bike to the campus center!
  4. Rally and photo op on the hill
  5. Bikers bike and walkers walk to Chancellor's Point
  6. fun times! (until 7 or 8 or sundown)
At the end of the meeting, we split up into three groups to work out the logistics of this plan.
  • Publicity - we need posters EVERYWHERE! (on recycled paper, of course) We will make and/or distribute these at this week's meeting.
  • Activities - people in this group will coordinate fun things to do (Nerf Gun wars! three-legged races! frisbee games!) and contact student musicians and local bands about performing
  • Reaching Out - we will work with other clubs to bring more people into this
Get ready for Moving Planet THIS SATURDAY

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